Anna Kobelt


The fascia has been researched a lot the last ten years but is still relatively unknown to the public. Learning about the fascia can improve ones health immensely and lead to a better understanding of our body.

Discover the healing power of fascia and experience an inspiring workshop with yoga practice and fascia roller training.

The fascia (also known as the connective tissue) runs through our body like a net. It is the largest tissue in the body. Fascia supports the resilience of muscles and tendons, transmits information and gives the body shape.
In everyday life we often move one-sidedly. This leads to tension in the fascia, which becomes noticeable in tension or pain. Through movements and with the help of fascia rollers, this tension in the body can be released in a targeted manner and pain can be reduced. It improves extensibility and makes the fascia supple.
Training the fascia is the key to a healthy and mobile life. Learn how to effectively use the rolls and movement to release tension or pain.

This workshop includes an introduction into the world of fascia, a yoga movement session and a fascia roll training. Comfortable clothing is recommended. You can bring your own yoga mat. We will provide fascia rolls. There will also be the opportunity to purchase the rolls at the workshop. The workshop will be in English and Spanish.

Anna Paulina, ever since she was a child, has discovered new types of movement. Yoga has had a special impact on her because it combines spirit, mind and movement. Every time on the mat is a journey of discovery. After her yoga training in Colombia, she taught Vinyasa Ashtanga Yoga in South America and Switzerland. After completing the yoga teacher training in Frankfurt with Mira Flatt, Samira Knott and Petra Liebscher-Bracht, she started teaching Fascia Yoga. She has been fascinated with the fascia and its techniques, since it helped her healing her wrist problem and ease her knee pain.